Professional Mediation & Paralegal Services

Established in 2015 with 33 years of experience, serving great clients throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Alaska & Montana


Professional Mediation & Paralegal Services

We have a very strong presence in the legal community and an exceptional mediation and paralegal practice that assists all parties in successfully resolving conflict. In fact, we are proud to be a preferred mediation vendor for CLC Incorporated, a leading provider of legal and financial programs for employee assistance programs (EAP), membership associations, insurance companies and national marketing entities throughout the US, Puerto Rico and Canada, serving over 27 million households and over 25,000 corporations. We believe in our ability to find the most effective solutions to assist our clients in achieving the best overall outcome for their business performance and personal gain. One of our goals while achieving these successful results, is to keep the stress and anxiety low for our clients, while maintaining a cost-effective approach to the issues at hand.

Service Specialties

  • intermediary
    Paralegal Services

    Slingshot Legal Services offers its clients the opportunity to take advantage of 33 years of paralegal experience, in assisting their clients in all avenues of paralegal support. Slingshot Legal Services offers their paralegal services in all aspects of litigation or even very simple matters as well.

  • intermediary
    Mediation & Arbitration

    Slingshot Legal Services offers its clients the opportunity to assist in all areas of mediation, whether family disputes, business disputes, contract disputes, neighbor-to neighbor disputes - Slingshot Legal Services can assist in any type of dispute. 

  • family
    Family Law Matters

    Slingshot Legal Services provides their mediation services for all family related issues from separation, through divorce and all child custody disputes, in addition to assisting with the preparation and filing of all divorce documents including disputed divorces, stipulated divorces and even the preparation of Qualified Domestic Relations Order. 

Service Specialties

  • construction
    Construction Matters

    We provide our contractor clients an advocate working for them on all aspects of their construction projects including but not limited to pre-lien notices, preparation of construction liens, filing of construction liens, post lien notices and assistance with lien foreclosure actions.

  • agreement
    Attorney Assistance

    Slingshot Legal Services offers its attorney clients the preparation of all types of pleadings, assistance with arbitration, mediation and trial preparation, as well as all discovery issues and the management of documents in cloud management.

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Kathy Weaver

AXIA Home Loans

"Shawn is a people person, this makes his business thrive."

Mike R Thomas

My Path Wellness

"Always super helpful when you don’t understand how to deal with legal issues. "

Rob Lindsay

McKenzie Cascade Heavy Excavation

"Shawn Stanley and Slingshot Legal Services are wonderful to work with. Very professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and cost effective. Shawn has impeccable follow through and pays great attention to the details of the situation, regardless of how large or small. Best of all he gets results."

Mary Kronkowski

MFK, llc

"Shawn with Slingshot was wonderful to work with. He was punctual, efficient, and thorough. I highly recommend Slingshot Legal Services."