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July 27, 2021

LexisNexis Screws Over Little Guy

LexisNexis Courtlink Screws Long Time Clients

It has happened again; a large corporation is screwing over the small guy. For over 5 years, I was a paying client of LexisNexis, using their Courtlink services to obtain court documents for my client. My typically monthly payment depended on how many documents I requested during any given month. My clients depended on those services, as I depended on offering those services to my clients. My average charge was $25-$50 a month, only one time during my 60-month run with LexisNexis did I incur fees over $100, however my monthly fees were taken straight out of my linked checking account, so there was no problem with paying the monthly invoices.

In November 2020, I logged on to my account to pull some court documents and the following message appeared – “We’re sorry, but you are not permitted to access the system at this time for the following reason: Disabled by Courtlink” I was floored, they had just taken out my October 2020 payment not, two days before and then they disabled my account with no warning, no information, nothing.

I then spent two months, 25 telephone calls and had to deal with not less than 5 people, namely Matthew McPheron (“Account Executive”); Curtis R. Cox (“National Sales Manager”); Melanie LaCombe; Brent Cole and Karl Fernandez. I was given excuse after excuse including but not limited to “oh, it’s the holiday period, so we are short staffed” and “well, due to COVID we are working remotely so, it’s difficult to reach us.” – Come on you’re a billion dollar company…..

Finally, after over two months of trying to find out why my account was disabled, the truth surfaced from Cox & McPheron, finally on January 20 & 21, 2021. The reason LexisNexis disabled my account was because I wasn’t spending enough, and therefore they allegedly discontinued the program I had been on for five years, because it allegedly cost the billion-dollar company too much to run a program for small businesses such as mine. However, Cox did offer me their new package at $150 a month, $1,800 a year, when I was paying approx. at most, $400 a year. Are you kidding me????

Again, a perfect example of the greed small businesses must deal with from corporate giants such as LexisNexis Courtlink. Unfortunate and certainly not fair.

I thank LexisNexis Courtlink and their staff mentioned above, for screwing yet another small company over, for the sole benefit of your selfish and greedy business tactics.

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