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Mediation Services

One of the many mediation services that Slingshot Legal offers, is assisting couples with divorce. Divorce is an emotional process for all involved, and there are times where concerns and issues of great significance to one or both parties may arise. These issues can at times lead couples to have a communication breakdown that can end up stalling the divorce process. Having a neutral third-party provides couples with unbiased assistance that can help lead to an open, honest discussion, so that both parties can move forward and find resolution.

We assist in all types of 2 – 4 party mediations, such as couples, neighborhood disputes, construction disputes, internal business (owner-to-owner) disputes and internal company disputes (employee/employer). Please feel free to contact us at or through our website at or call our office at (503) 956-6629.

Slingshot Legal Services is a proud Member of the Oregon Mediation Association

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