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Monthly CCB Penalty Report

It’s not only starting to feel a lot like Christmas, but it’s also time for the monthly penalty reports for the Oregon Construction Contractors Board for November 2018. Contractors, if you see your name on any monthly report of the year, call us…..Homeowners, if you see your contractors name on any monthly report of the year, call us……..….

Remember, the majority of the names on the list are presumed innocent until the CCB determines they are otherwise guilty. In our experience, the penalty reports tend to be a little lengthier in the summer and winter months because those are the two yearly period that unlicensed contractors are attracted to-summer because everyone is looking to have their home repairs made and winter because everyone is looking to have their home warm.

Homeowners don’t be a victim to unlicensed or mischievous contractors and contractors make sure all of your CCB licenses and required classes are up to date.

Please call us if any of you are reading this Blog, we can likely assist.

For a list of the November 2018 CCB assessed penalties please visit and of course visit us at

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