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New Year – New Beginnings

As we begin the winding down of 2018 to start the New Year 2019, Slingshot Legal Services is moving forward as well, with everything we have learned in 2018. We are trying to really focus on our marketing outings, visiting our clients even after our services are concluded, brushing up on services that we know, just don’t specialize in, so we don’t offer them, but will brush up and will soon offer them into the New Year. However, we would like to and most importantly we want to, hear both what our current clients and potential future clients want to read about and/or learn from our weekly blogs.

From the beginning of our attempts of posting our blogs in mid-2018, we have focused on issues that we thought were important to the people that read them, however started thinking about the actual topics and contents of the blogs and feel they would be more better suited, if we formed the blogs around what you as the clients, potential clients and readers would like to see.

Therefore, we are asking everyone (boy I hope it’s plural) to chime in on topics you would like us to address or research for the upcoming year. On that note, we need at least 48 topics and we will throw some of our own in the mix. So please type down a few ideas and send them our way. You can either post to our website in response to this post or e-mail us at  We would really enjoy getting as many ideas from you folks as possible, to make our blogs more entertaining for you! We very much thank you in advance for those ideas and thoughts.

We are also changing the day of our weekly blog postings to Monday, in an attempt to reach more people. If you like our blog postings, please share and forward them to others. We’d love to hear from lawyers, construction companies (all shape and form) all other types of businesses, business owners and property owners and individuals alike. You can say we are a very diverse company.

Additionally, to make our services more useful for our clients, we are a Member of LeTip International, Inc., Sellwood Chapter and have unlimited access to every service imaginable and if we don’t have a local Member in our group, we have access to the entire State of Oregon and all other States, as well as International databases. So please use us for our referral sources for any services needed and believe us when we say, the services range from A-Z.

And for our closing note this week, please know that the services on our website are not inclusive. Please feel free to inquire on any potential service that you may be interested in, that isn’t listed.

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