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October 2018 CCB Penalty Report

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, Slingshot Legal Services works with contractors ranging from general contractors to sub-sub-sub-contractors in addition to owners and developers. As one of the services we offer our clients, is assisting with maintaining their CCB status and requirements and this  includes the five States we offer our services in being Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and California. We are based out of Oregon, so we do cater a bit towards Oregon requirements and updates but we don’t favor one type of client over another nor their location.

The Oregon Construction Contractors Board publishes a monthly report that should certainly be reviewed by all contractors and developers, as well as all homeowners that are looking for a contractor to perform work on their homes. Since we are an Oregon Company, we have made it somewhat common in our blogs to mention the monthly penalties and fines published by the Oregon CCB. Our hope is to do this in the future (likely early 2019) for some of the other States we offer our services in.

So please follow the link below for the October 2018 Penalty Report published by the Oregon CCB and please feel free to contact us should you require any assistance in maintaining your CCB status or any other CCB related issues.

Oregon CCB October 2018 Report:

Please note: This Blog should not be construed as legal advice, should you seek legal advice, please contact a licensed attorney in your State.

Source: Oregon Construction Contractors Board.

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