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Oregon Construction Contractors Board Monthly Penalty Report

We work with homeowners, businesses, attorneys, general contractors, subcontractors, tier 2 and on subcontractors, etc. We are exposed to a variety of construction related claims and penalties that some our client base gets tangled into and sometimes the outcome can be the demise of their company.

One of the marketing tools we utilize for each construction client, is the monthly review of the people and construction companies that end up getting fined by the CCB for a variety of violations including, but not limited to: Working without a CCB License no Complaint filed (most common); Working without a CCB License – Complaint filed; Performing work without being certified as a lead- based paint renovation contractor; Hiring an unlicensed contractor; Advertising or bidding without a CCB license; Failing to provide Consumer Protection Notice documents; Having employees while in a status that does not allow them to have employees and Advertising or bidding without a CCB license.

So we typically know before our clients, that they have been fined by the CCB, which can ultimately be detrimental to their operations. One of the key elements of what our services offer, is the ability to make sure our clients are in compliance so they never become a victim of the CCB’s rigorous violation program, absolutely targeted to increase cash flow for the State and penalize the construction companies (our personal opinion).

To access the CCB’s Monthly Penalty Report, logon to the CCB’s main website scroll down to “Contractor Tools”, third choice from the left – and scroll down to “Who was fined” choose “Latest Penalty Report” and choose “View CCB Enforcement Actions.

This Report is issued on the 1st of each month.

We hope this is helpful in the future.

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