Paralegal Services

Slingshot Legal Services

Prior to opening Slingshot Legal Services 6 years ago, owner Shawn Stanley worked for three of the most prominent and highly regarded law firms in the Pacific Northwest. During his 25 + year stint with those three law firms, Mr. Stanley has worked alongside some incredible attorneys, which allowed him to not only grow his love for law and desire for justice, but also truly perfect his craft. Shawn’s attention to detail is superior and his dedication to the attorneys and law firms he works with is absolutely unmatched.

Since our inception we have offered our extraordinary paralegal services completely remote, which continue to be of the utmost importance in these ever-changing times. Attorneys and law offices throughout Oregon and Washington win big by using our virtual services, as this is a very financially smart way to obtain incredible service while reaping the benefits of less overhead expenses and costs.

Services We Offer

  • Professional management of multiple projects simultaneously
  • Preparation/drafting of complaints (including but not limited to, breach of contract, quantum meruit, lien foreclosures, & third-party complaints), answers to complaints, subpoenas, and the preparation and filing of construction-related liens in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana & California, and all pre/post-lien notices in all noted States, and estate planning documents
  • Attendance at trials, mediations, arbitrations with counsel to assist with exhibits, technology, and notebooks
  • Assistance in the preparation of clients and witnesses for depositions, hearings, arbitrations, mediations and trial; and the preparation of notebooks for all proceedings
  • Attend site visits & meetings with construction companies and experts related to any construction defects found (if any)
  • The tracking of all deadlines related to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana & California liens and litigation
  • All phases of construction litigation (beginning to end)
  • Most phases of civil litigation (beginning to end)
  • Notary Public Services


Slingshot Legal Services does not condone nor conduct any paralegal activities that in any way violates ORS 9.160-ORS 9.166. We are not attorneys and cannot in any context, provide or advise others of legal advice, appear in court on behalf of others, draft or select legal documents, act as an immigration consultant, hold ourselves to be lawyers or be engaged in the Unlawful Practice of Law.