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Past Construction Posts and the Future of your Company

If you have been following our Blogs, you may have noticed a theme with respect to the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (“CCB”). Slingshot Legal Services (“Slingshot Legal”) follows the CCB for several reasons but mostly to make sure our construction clients are up-to-date on all of their licensing requirements; have their fees current; have their applicable insurance(s) in place, are providing the right notices to the various parties they work for and with and several other services that may keep our contractor clients out of trouble for a variety of reasons. Please note our previous Blogs relating to the CCB dated 9/27/18, 10/5/18 and 10/25/18.

Slingshot Legal also tracks the 4 other States that we assist clients in, including Washington, Idaho, Montana and California. Washington Contractors are governed by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries; Idaho Contractors are governed by the Idaho Contractors Board; Montana Contractors are governed by the Montana Department of Labor & Industries and California Contractors are governed by the Department of Consumer Affairs-Contractors State License Board

We have often been asked if we work for the various Construction Contractor Boards in the States we work in, and the answer is a flat nowe do not. People might confuse and assume that while working with our clients, we in turn work for the CCB’s, but that would be an incorrect assumption. We advocate for our client in the relationships they have with the CCB’s. Our clients interest is our main focus and our only priority, in every aspect of our relationships with our clients.

What we do once a relationship is established with our client, is to make sure that they are in compliance with the governing rules of the individual CCB’s. We confirm they are properly certified to the standards and requirements of the CCB; we confirm they are properly licensed to be conducting the work they are performing under the correct classification’s; we confirm they have all the proper courses taken per the CCB requirements and we make sure that they have paid all the required fees and payments required by the various CCB’s.

But the biggest ticket item we do for our clients as it relates to the CCB, is keeping them out of any negative exposure that could have a tremendous impact on their company, keeping them in compliance, making sure they maintain a strong working relationship with their clients and local and state regulators and finally, we work directly with our clients to build successful and rewarding  projects on or below budget and on time or hopefully earlier than expected.

Slingshot Legal can assist with all CCB related issues from the start-up company to the 50 year company that wants their projects to operate in conjunction with todays rules and regulations and stay away from fines, penalties and possible debarment issues.

It’s never too late to make sure your company is in complete compliance, so you don’t notice your companies name on any monthly report for being cited on a project or worse, suspension and/or debarment.

Please call, e-mail to or send a message through our website, should you wish to inquire about our services as mentioned above.

  • All State sources as noted above, came directly from their respective websites. Any other information is not meant to provide legal advice as we are not attorneys.
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