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Pre/Post Divorce Mediation Services

We can assist couples that are either separated, contemplating divorce or are in the divorce process. We are a full service mediation form and can assist with helping couples work through a very difficult time in their relationship. We can assist in mediation in various stages of the cycle including pre-divorce mediation, during the divorce process and even post-divorce mediation.

Additionally, our assistance doesn’t stop when the mediation session ends. If our clients are not successful in settling whatever disputes they may be encountering, we also assist after the mediation session, with follow-up telephone conferences and if necessary, follow-up mediation sessions. Sometimes the emotions are very high and run deep and it’s difficult to get through the first mediation session completely resolving all the issues. Sometimes it’s better to get all of the issues out at the first mediation session and then slowly work through each issue one step at a time.

Mediation is not meant to be a rushed process, it takes time and we have the patience and the skills to assist the even toughest, most drawn out matters and be successful in reaching full resolution.

Please give us a call or e-mail us for more information or if you would like to book a free 30 minute mediation consultation to see if Slingshot Legal Services is the right fit for your situation.

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