Small Claims Actions

Slingshot Legal Services has an extensive and successful history of debt collection and judgment recovery services; therefore, our paralegal and risk management services can expertly assist our clients through the process of filing small claims actions. Due to our ability to handle these processes almost completely remotely across all western states, our small claims process is faster, which is very attractable to our client. We can assist in almost every type of small claims action, including but not limited to: the collection of money due and judgment recovery, property damage, landlord/tenant actions, promissory notes and more.


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Ways We Can Assist


Assistance with the preparation of small claims forms


Judgment recovery, and the filing of required documents for debtor examinations


Referrals to specialized attorneys, if the Claim exceeds jurisdictional Limits


Conduct, assist or prepare for debtor examinations;


Preparation for mediation and/or trial


The service of Summons and Complaint

What Our Clients Say

Kathy Weaver

AXIA Home Loans

"Shawn is a people person, this makes his business thrive."

Mike R Thomas

My Path Wellness

"Always super helpful when you don’t understand how to deal with legal issues. "

Rob Lindsay

McKenzie Cascade Heavy Excavation

"Shawn Stanley and Slingshot Legal Services are wonderful to work with. Very professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and cost effective. Shawn has impeccable follow through and pays great attention to the details of the situation, regardless of how large or small. Best of all he gets results."

Mary Kronkowski

MFK, llc

"Shawn with Slingshot was wonderful to work with. He was punctual, efficient, and thorough. I highly recommend Slingshot Legal Services."