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The Importance of Contracts

Contracts are a vital and valuable part our day-to-day lives whether used in business transactions or in our personal lives. These written agreements serve as a detailed record of a commitment between two or more parties that break down the terms, rights and responsibilities of each party involved, and also provide security and peace of mind that the commitments made will be upheld.

When contracts are used in our personal lives, they can be used for things such as co-habitation, marriage, separation, divorce, and child support agreements. And in business, contracts are often used between banks, clients, employees, landlords,  and vendors, among many others.

In most circumstances, the terms of the contracts are negotiated with the parties involved giving each party fair and equal opportunity to mutually agree on the terms and conditions of the contract between the parties.

Slingshot Legal Services understands the importance of contracts, that they provide protection and peace of mind for all parties involved. We are happy to assist in preparing a specifically designed contract to fit your needs. Please contact us at (503) 956-6629, visit our website at or e-mail us at

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