Mediation versus Arbitration

Slingshot Legal Services

Slingshot Legal Services is fortunate to offer both mediation and arbitration services to our clients from across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Alaska & Montana. These processes are ideal as they are a less expensive option than litigation. Since mediation and arbitration seem similar, it can be a bit difficult for some people to understand the difference between the two. Therefore, we offer the meanings in legal terms below and the following to explain in our mind, the differences between the two.

Mediation is an informal process between two or more parties, in which the parties’ main goal is to resolve the dispute, rather than proceed to more costly and time consuming option of litigation. This is completely voluntary and any party can stop the mediation process at any time. Mediation is also completely confidential, and information shared with the mediator is not shared with the other party or parties, unless specifically requested and/or authorized.

Slingshot Legal Services offers our clients over 30 years of mediation experience in the areas of construction; family law (divorce, custody, child support, parenting plans, alimony, property issues); real estate; employment; contract; partnership disputes; neighbor-to-neighbor disputes; civil litigation; business and much more).

Additionally, we offer both services – our mediation services as the mediator for disputes or our mediation services, representing our clients in mediation.

Arbitration is a much more formal process than mediation. It is binding and final, much like trial in a court proceeding. Arbitration is between two or more parties and can involve discovery, witness testimony, etc., again, much like a court proceeding. However, arbitration is much less expensive than court proceedings and settlement can also occur, any time during the arbitration process.

Remarkably similar to our mediation services, Slingshot Legal Services offers our clients the opportunity to allow us to represent them in private arbitrations (including, but not limited to American Arbitration Association; private contract arbitrations, etc.). Additionally, this allows our clients to save money on attorney and other unnecessary litigation fees and costs.

As an alternative to court proceedings parties may choose two alternative dispute resolution processes. Those two options are mediation and arbitration services, and Slingshot Legal Services excels with assisting in both.