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Notice of Right to Lien – Part 2

Welcome to Part 8 the final Blog of an 8 Part Series. This portion covers Rental Equipment only for a Commercial Project.

According to the Oregon CCB, for Rental Equipment only, a Notice of Right to Lien on a Commercial Project Only does not need to be provided to the Owner(s) or the Lender(s), provided your contract is directly with all Owners of the Commercial Improvement.

Additionally, if you do not have a contract with the Owner(s) of the Commercial Improvement, you are also not required to provide a Notice of Right to Lien to the Owner(s) or the Lender(s).

We very much appreciate the opportunity to present this series on the requirements related to the Notice of Right to Lien process. We hope it was at least semi-educational. Please continue to follow our Blogs for more information related to construction, real estate, employment, civil litigation and much more.

  • This Blog is not meant to be construed as providing or implying legal advice, please seek an attorney for any legal questions you may have regarding construction liens.
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