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Oregon Divorce & Separation Proceedings

This follows-up our April 30, 2019 blog that discusses the mediation services we offer to couples that are either contemplating or going through a divorce or are contemplating or going through a separation.

In addition to assisting couples with working through the difficult travels of a divorce as there are no easy paths, we also can help couples with the divorce proceedings such as assisting with document/exhibit preparation, configuring the sometimes voluminous documentation (exhibits), preparing agreements, electronically filing the documents, preparing for mediation and/or trial.

We can assist people leaning towards separation with or without children, divorce with or without children, responses to the same, annulments and modifications. Self-Help assistance regarding these types of services can be found at and some helpful forms can also be found at

Please feel free to contact us at (503) 956-6629 or e-mail us at with any questions.

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